Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

How Are You doing up there?

The winning TEAM!!! (The picture made me start missing old days)
In the middle of the night, I starred at the laptop and suddenly I coundn't resist to not open facebook page. The facebook of one of my groups (I am quite popular by having many groups in my page heehehe). 

So what happened with that?

I somehow miss my friend who is now pursuing his dream in Thousand miles away country from Indonesia. He is in Turkey now. And he seems enjoy a lot the days there (days when no any connection hehehe). How are you there my friend?

For a glimpse, He is the best Friend I have that I met him in the college time. He is very attractive and Smartly Brilliant. Once we talk to him, we will find him very nice person. He is very friendly and has a lot of friends. He is very determine and one thing that I am always jealous from him is He has tons of lucks behind his back. I know why he gets that, it is not coming no reason, but he gets it from his piousness. Piousness? Yes, he is the very open-minded pious person that I every see in my life for 22 (or more) years. He is very diligent in terms of daily praying. He will not even forget to miss even once no matter what he is doing, to pray is somehow his priority. I see him very inspirative young guy that i rarely find now.

He is now in Turkey joining in Turkey islamic foundation giving opportunity for foreigners student to join their ashram (or boarding house) to intensively learn about Islam and Turkish language is as the official language. And obviously, He can speak turkish and now he must be getting better. He is now only able to access internet in weekend and even weekend, I am pretty sure He must have fun out there, stay away from internet checking the greetings from home country. I assume that he must have fun there.

He is one of the smartest and Resourceful friends i have. and he has both. We met and then became friend because we have the same hobby, Watching and following about badminton news. Firstly, I didn't even think to find one loving about this, then he came and yeah we found the chemistry and then till now we are friend.

We found that we lived in the university dormitory, but we lived in the different tower. Along with another 2 guys, we enjoyed the dormitory life. We love hanging out, spending money for foods and nothing hehhee. 

One day, one changed amongst us. He then begun moving away from university dormitory and decided to stay in Islamic Cultural Center by one of foundation from Tuerkey. The 'residents' must stay there and they provide free bed and foods, also turkish and islamic learnings. Then i felt lonely in dormitory, everything changed. However, we still could meet and hang out together less intensively for sure.

He has big willingness to earn money due to his life in his hometown. He was born and raised in the family who is not rich enough to cover the expense of his family. He has more than 5 siblings (forget the exact number) and he is the second child (if i am not mistaken). He is the only well-educated in his family the he moved to Jakarta to hope for better future by having good opportunity in studying. Since his stay in College life, he has been very independent in terms of financial. He is very smart to find any opportunity in raising money.

Then, we joined in the same foundation granting us scholarship for our achievement, actually we had successive GPA during the first semester, then the GPA dropped easily till now. We didn't participate in the foundation activities a lot until we were announced to Join one of the coolest program of this foundation, a leadership camp. We were the lucky bastards who had the very good opportunity compared to others. The camp was held in the Military Academy. We were forced to live discipline and had alot of boring sessions talking about leadership. And, from this activity, I knew that he is VERY GOOD SLEEPER hehehe. He can sleep anywhere anytime and can wake up immediately, another thing I amaze from him. We succeeded to finish the camp for a week then we went back. The bond amongst us getting harder like Hydrogen bond somehow, hehehehe.

Semester by semester passed by, Until we join the next series of leadership camp. That was one of our best time to spend with. Then we found other 2 girls to join our group, yeah we are groupies (??). We joined the selection for SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta expecing for money. The long selection made us very tough somehow to earn money  (then this event changed our mindset already, money maker heheh). After long wait, we could get involved to this event by becoming volunteer. We had to skip the classes for more than a week, but it was worth activity. Another luck for him was he was placed in the center of jakarta as volunteer for transportation, staying in nice 5 stars appartement equipped with Wi-fi and daily transportation fee and he could still join us, but for me (and 2 girls) had to stay away from campus and completely miss the week classes. That was super unbelievable.

Then the Volunteer activity was fruitful. We earn money for that 2million Rupiah, and that was a lot for us. I decided to sign up in immigration bureau to proceed in making passport. I already got my passport and I decided to buy ticket to fly to Singapore and decided to start backpacking in southeast asia for teh first time abroad. I told him my big plan, the he seemed very interested in my plan. He then proceeded his passport and bought the flight ticket too.

I Flew earlier than him and arrived in Thailand a week earlier. I already wandered in Thailand then he arrived there. Our plan was to cross Lao PDR (country in southeast asia). We finally met each other in Ubon ratchatani (city in east Thailand) to cross the country to lao. The journey was awesome, it needs another section to tell about it. He is the best travel mate i had. then we ventured to Vietnam, then he continued to Singapore and Malaysia to join conference and what did I do?? Go back to Indonesia hehehe

Time passed by. We earn money more and more as we are private tutor, and somehow we called ourselves as cheap premium private tutor, or all-you-want tutor hehehe. We hanged out more frequently to eat out and see out.

in semester 6, we missed our research proposal submission and we didn't do any to pursue it. Then guess what? In that time, I decided to travel, and he was super lucky. He got easier topic to nail, and in about 2 weeks he finished his proposal and then till the thesis he could finish punctually. The defense was unbelievable. He was another super lucky, and he is always lucky, or I can say, he is well-prepared and can see the what to do and what to learn without wasting any time.

He then graduated from University, We celebrated the graduation, and Happy Graduation.

Graduation Party
Once he started becoming no longer student, we met more frequently. We ate out and hanged as always.

Calm and seize the day!
Till then he really supported me to nail my thesis (and till now hopefully). We somehow planned to start our business, and the idea was raw enough and started. We met in certain evening,  i was about to talk about it, the he informed me about the good-and-bad news to me. He would go to Turkey in early November. I was totally shocked, between sad and happy. The news was so sudden although I knew that he would fly to turkey anyhow. I couldn't say anything but cheered him up.

In his last wish before go to turkey, He wanted to go to bali. I really supported and suggested to take it now or never. I forced him to go to bali no matter what, I could borrow him everything, and MAGIC, he went to bali then back to Jakarta happily, safe, and sound. HE IS AWESOME!!

Then the time came, He should leave Indonesia very soon, and i couldn't see him off in airport, another mistake i did probaly to not see him off.

We skyped finally after 2 weeks his stay in Turkey and told us many things. I suggested him to write the journey through blog, and hopefully he is working on that now.

I do want to write your story somehow. If i can work on it, the story will be blockbuster and worth reading as inspiring for many people to always chin up like you. You are very inspiring and amazing.

Keep inspiring and Stunning, mate there! Keep being updated also enjoy Safranbolu and Turkey as what we talked about before (i won't share here heheheh).

Missing you is dark grey all alone (coutersy RED-TAYLOR SWIFT)

p.s. whate makes us unite? because we love buying fancy things with all our small income hehehe

Good luck there! 

From Jakarta with hopes