Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Lame Bandung Trip

Hari jumat kemarin saya dan teman-teman mengunjungi tempat dimana saya sangat menunggu-nunggu
Jam menunjukkan pukul 8 malam, dan akhirnya saya bertemu dengn dua rekan saya, Christian dan Judy. 

Mereka adalah interns dari program AIESEC di Local Committe Universitas Indonesia. Christian, a modern sportman from Denmark use to live in very good condition and less backpacker activity. Judy, a female runner from The Netherland who is very enthusiam in travelling.


We met in the basement floor of the gambir station at 8 pm, and our train at 8.20 pm. We got not in the nearby seats. We were the earlier passenger boarding to the train, and we got our couchs. Since my couch was not in the same line with others’, i decided to negotiate to man who sat beside Christian,and it worked. Furthermore, we sat close to each other.
The trip costed about 3,5 hours, late about 30 minutes that it was supposed to be. During the journey in train, we chatted a lot to each other, but Christian and I were very asleep on thet time, then we felt asleep in couch and the remaining judy was on, i mean on-off in ecah 5 minutes while christian and I peacefully slept over. The clock showed us at 11.50 and it was close to the main station, and we woke up and realized that we were that close.

We arrived officially to the Station Hall (the name of bandung’s station) at 11.55 pm.
We, I for sure, made a mistake. We got out from wrong exit gate (north gate), then we found many taxi drivers approached us to offer their service, but we rejected since we knew (not really) how to get there by angkot. So we went back to the station to find south exit gate. And yeah, we were officially getting colder. FYI, i had told Christian and Judy about the weather in bandung, but they seemed ignoring. And yeah it was so cold for me, not for them.
Okay, we waited for the angkot to go to DAGO 256 (then i realized that this place was closed down since it had illegal activities inside). Actually, we wait for the further infos from my friend who would like to host us on that time, named Anita. We called her many times (more than 30 missed calls) but no answer. So we decided to take taxi to to DAGO. During in the taxi, i tried to call my friend, but no answer eventually. Then after arrived DAGO, and we had no clue where we would stay, i, again, decided to ask the taxi drive to drop us  in 24 hours McDonald Restaurant. I was very hungry, so were they. I ordered foods in McD and they did too. I found wi-fi in the restaurant and the connection was terrible. I went online in order to find my friend’s address. I browsed facebook, twitter, yellopages, couchsurfing, google, and skype to find out, but No result. Then suddenly, my beloved friend, Meity came out online, and yeah i was so happy, at least i had friend on that time. she could not sleep on that time and she wanted to help us in finding place to stay until sun rises.

We asked her where we can find bar in bandung and nearby to the McD, and she told us to get to mexican Bar in Dago, opposite of 5 stars hotel (i forgot the name). Then we walked to find that bar, about 15 minutes walk upward to find. Unfortunately, the bar was closed since we arrived tehr at 3 am. Then we decided to meet my wake up friend, in Cafe halaman, near to McD dago (it means that we had to walk downward again). We waited in the front of the cafe, and they figured out to the man glancing up to us. They told me that it was annoying to be starred at. Meity came with her motorbike. She could not host us since her room is for female only. She tried to call her friend, and she found her friend, and also anita’s friend, named LUKAS (Ukas is his official name). Lukas is kind of healthy life guy and very metrosexual. He lives in very good way of living and also he has diet program of his food. He has small room but very clean and tidy, i was surprised to find about male room.
Okay, Lukas cannot speak english well, so he lift us in his room. We turned on th TV and watched the opening ceremony of OLYMPIC GAMES LONDON 2012. We chatted a lot again, in thE middle of the show, they (maity, Jusy, and Christian ) felt asleep again. And i was suggested to sleep too. And yeah i slept.

To be continued...

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012


i am so disgusting to write this over, but yeah it's now.
it's not that completely brokenhearted man because i know it before that it will be coming sooner or later.
I am okay about it, and eventually have to move on.
Thanks for this hopes,and let this brokenhearted escape leak soon.

I AM OK, no I should be OK :)

suko prastiyo
July 21th, 2012

Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Crazy Feelings

Oh Noooooo.....
You are driving me insane. I got so ma dthis recent days. My mind is so tortured and i can not think clearly. I think it's so crazy, i never feel this before, the crazy feeling. Can not even let it go from my mind, checking facebook page, email, and my phone, hope any Call for me from there.

It's totally Crazy, and it gets mader more days. We will have hanging outs, and also some treats. I think it's kind of hope, but it's HOPE eventually.
Please do not play on me! do no give me any hope like this, this crazy feeling is insane.
let's see next

18 July 2012

Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Unbelievaby Suko

Here i come with abundant stories to tell recently. So, what am I going to tell them? So, i listed them then many people can enjoy it briefly

1.1.      Was it designed or mistake (coutersy Lana Del Rey) ? I Broke my laptop, not really broke, ‘just; broke the LCD so nothing’s displayed no more on my laptop. I realized it when it had been 2 days broken (i am pretty sure it occured 2 days before since i felt that i positioned my laptop very bad and i think somebody or even Ithe one who feet it up) I was hibernated from my latop about 2 days, it’s like i was suspended from very sophisticated technology era. Okay time passed by, i started my life as if i was in the flintstone era, no computer no internet. However, i got an idea, such a brilliant idea, i have a set of computer (PC) and it’s no more used by. I tried to connect my laptop through the VGA cable to my PC and VOILAAAAAAAA, IT IS WORKING NOW. I was so happy, although all was suspended, i still could think and be resourceful. That’s so called ‘designedly mistake’. One thing that showed me i am the up person is i was no longer compaling about it, i just let it flow as if nothing mattered, but deep inside my heart i was crying out loud. I am such introvert person, but people will recognize me as extrovert one, and the psychologycal test said about it. Yeah, designed or mistake? God knows the best for me.

2.       I tried wort. Oh My God, it was awesome. For those who love beer so much , you guys must try the before-fermented beer, it’s called wort. It tastes sweeter than beer (before the addion of Hop). It’s purely from malt who has been in some processes to reach the liquid form before it’s fermented. Many people belive that wort can help men to keep their sexual performances, and I think so after tried it. It’s suggestedly awesome. Opnly certain people have ever tried it. So i am so called the lucky one.