Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Unbelievaby Suko

Here i come with abundant stories to tell recently. So, what am I going to tell them? So, i listed them then many people can enjoy it briefly

1.1.      Was it designed or mistake (coutersy Lana Del Rey) ? I Broke my laptop, not really broke, ‘just; broke the LCD so nothing’s displayed no more on my laptop. I realized it when it had been 2 days broken (i am pretty sure it occured 2 days before since i felt that i positioned my laptop very bad and i think somebody or even Ithe one who feet it up) I was hibernated from my latop about 2 days, it’s like i was suspended from very sophisticated technology era. Okay time passed by, i started my life as if i was in the flintstone era, no computer no internet. However, i got an idea, such a brilliant idea, i have a set of computer (PC) and it’s no more used by. I tried to connect my laptop through the VGA cable to my PC and VOILAAAAAAAA, IT IS WORKING NOW. I was so happy, although all was suspended, i still could think and be resourceful. That’s so called ‘designedly mistake’. One thing that showed me i am the up person is i was no longer compaling about it, i just let it flow as if nothing mattered, but deep inside my heart i was crying out loud. I am such introvert person, but people will recognize me as extrovert one, and the psychologycal test said about it. Yeah, designed or mistake? God knows the best for me.

2.       I tried wort. Oh My God, it was awesome. For those who love beer so much , you guys must try the before-fermented beer, it’s called wort. It tastes sweeter than beer (before the addion of Hop). It’s purely from malt who has been in some processes to reach the liquid form before it’s fermented. Many people belive that wort can help men to keep their sexual performances, and I think so after tried it. It’s suggestedly awesome. Opnly certain people have ever tried it. So i am so called the lucky one.

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