Rabu, 25 April 2012

let's cook: Che

Finally, i made it :)
That day, friday, 20 April 2012, when The class was over, i decided to go to Giant Hypermart in Depok. I was so excited to make this kind of sweet drink :)

After very long thinking, yeah I bought a package of tapioca Pearl and Corns, and also the Coconut Milk. 


I cooked, boiled for sure, all the kinds of stuff i bought.

what the step??
Boil the tapioca Pearl

The Corn's Kernels
1. Boil the tapioca pearl on water in the pan with strong Fire. waiting about 10-15 minutes until it looks translucent, wit color of the tapioca pearl u make

Add the mixture with coconut milk and corn's kernel
2. After the Tapioca pearl translucent, pour the Corn's Kernel to the pan and also the Coconut Milk Powder (I chose this kind of coconut milk because i can adjust the thickness of the of the broth i wanted to. For sure, and some sugars according to your desire. Usually this drink is so sweet, so i added a lot of sugar to make it very sweet because it's very nice to drink in the sweet time :)

Stir it gently

seems so raw
3. wait for them until they are cooked enough and well-done. Stir it gently and add some honey to make the aroma and also the sweetness
Honey Again

Add Some Honey
4. The Che bap is ready to serve. better in Cold, but Hot or warm is good as well. I added topping with Nata De Coco.

so, happy cooking..
Voila!! It's Ready
I love Vietnam. I went there and i am falling in love on it. I can't forget all the memories I made there, and then that's how i show my love, make the cuisine of this country.

And Thank to......
Raden Icu Surtini Mawarni as My cooking assistant. Good Job Sist!! :)
Icu, My Cooking assistant

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Jakarta: Lebak Bulus on Twillight

Now, this section, i am telling you about jakarta. Actually I am not Native Jakarta. I was a country who had to go to Jakarta and live in suburb. Okay just overview about it :)

It's time to see one of the important part of South Jakarta, It's Called Lebak Bulus. I pass this area every monday, thursday, and tuesday. It will be unforgettable for me then when i am not here :)... what's the typical of this area??? Hmm, the typical ones are what i usually pass by :)
and Lebak Bulus is Hub area in South jakarta to the suburb areas around (South Tanggerang  and Depok)

1. The street vendors some when the twilight (Maghrib) comes
The vendors around pedestrian
the center of Lebak Bulus is the intersection road. the traffic light, 2 malls, and flyover above. And when the twilight (Maghrib) comes the street vendors some to sell what they cook..

Soto Ayam  Lamongan, east java chicken soup

The typical street vendors of Indonesia, they open the stall on the pedestrian, and they start selling at 4 p.m. and the most people coming is on 6 p. when may people finish working an they feel hungry along the street. Due to hub area, many people will pass this street.

The menus are yummy and some may be not clean, but don't worry, it'll be a treat to your stomach so that it won't be baby anymore :) My Favorite menu is Soto Ayam Lamongan, it's in the middle of   food stalls there. They have two sotos, Once is soto daging (Beef soup) and Ceker (Chicken leg). It tastes sour and you can add some grounded chillies to them for spicy.

This area is so accessible.  You can reach from International Airport by Damri bus for 20k IDR it costs 2 hours, and also reachable from many areas from many cities from other provinces because it has one of the main bus station!!
The Traffic light intersection of the main road. It was 5.30 p.m and started traffic jam
so, if u have chance to visit this place, don't hesitate to take a look the traffic jam and the vendors!!!

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Chè-Vietnamese Drink

one of food stall in Hue, Vietnam
That night, when i was in Hue, Vietnam. the very first day in Vietnam, i was asked by my lovely friend, Le Khanh, to have city tour. In the evening, after visisting pagoda in teh top hill, we tried Chè (dibaca 'je'). 
Che is Vietnamese thick, sweet dessert soup or sweetened porridge. it tasted very nice and very suitable if we drink in Hue for sure, because it warmed our body and hue is so cold on that time due to spring season.

there are many kind of  che. actually, how did it taste?? Well, Che tasted very sweet and with some ginger on it it made me feel warm after drink it, also the fruit chops would make it very rich of protein.  Che with red bean, Green Bean, Corn, Some Fruits, Pudding, Fla, etc, are commonly you can found in Vietnam.
The Pans full witn thick sweetened Porridge
This Drink is Must taste Drink when You are in Vietnam. there are plenty vendors in the street in all aroudn Vietnam. and also, Vietnamese people like this drink very much, and in the evening is the best time to try this

No Need Bottom Up to Drink :) (with my freinds, Phu and Nhu)
One of vendor in Ho Chi Minh City, very famous around there and crowded due to its yummy

Also, i ahve to point out for thsi one, It's so affordable top Buy and you wont get irritated buying this one :)

i copied the recipe, i will try this at home :)

- 0.4 kg taro.
- 0.25 kg sticky rice.
- 0.5 kg caster sugar.
- 0.3 kg grated coconut flesh.
- 1/2 liter water.
- 1/2 teaspoon salt.
- vanilla.
- Bowl, plate and spoon.
- Pot and stove.
- Filter.
- Grater.
Preparation Steps:

Taro Sweetened Porridge

1. Wash and drain sticky rice.
2. Wash and cook taro until well done.  Peel and dice taro.
3. Grate coconut flesh into a bowl to extract coconut milk with water (0.5liter).  Add 0.5 liters of water to extract coconut flesh for the second time.
4. Boil the second coconut juice and add the sticky rice. Continue to cook until well done.  Allow water to evaporate.
5. Add diced taro and sugar to the mixture.  Simmer for about 20 minutes then stir the  mixture constantly to avoid  sticking to the bottom of the pan.  Stop cooking and add vanilla.  Stir regularly for about 10 minutes.  Remove from heat when the water has evaporated. Taro sweetened porridge should be thick and consistent.
6. Serve hot or cold  with the first coconut  juice.
Recommendations: When  sweetened porridge is cooked, make sure the grains do not lose their shape.

Senin, 09 April 2012

seductively spicy

here i write my first post in English.
It's to improve my english. so, It's no wonder if many mistakes, grammatically or vacabularily. :p

Here i want to write about one of the most Authentic Cuisine from Indochina (especially Isaan province in Northeast thailand)..

wooo.... and it goes To


so ther story begins..

what a nice experince i have while i was in Isaan, especially in Khon Kaen.
here, i was introduced to Som Tam. it's kinda funny because it's made from unrippen papaya, or so called 'papaya salad'. yeah it's totally salad, originally Isaan.

my friend, Moss. thanks baby bro :p He told me about Khon kaen and Isaan.
Som tam is kind of compulsory food of Isaan.
so, it's made from unrippen papaya, cucumber, young manggo, and some peanuts. for flavour, It's Totally SPICY. with Fish sauce, Brined Crap (the weirdest is they the entirely crabs, including the shell). what a!!!!
and it's so stinky for me.

oaky, in his famiy, we had dinner with Som tam, and they ate (so weird again) with Sticky rice. it's weird because in Indonesia we eat Sticky rice for snack, not main course. at first i rejected to eat them, but i tried to taste, and it's damn Spicy!!! and for them it's so so.

another day was coming, Moss and I went to Phu Kradueng National park in Loei Province. Once more, we met strangers (and so called helli Stranger mates) in the top of the mount. we rent tent and we were very hungry. we found them having a lil feast and they asked us to join. and again, they ate Som tam and it's kore spicy than i tried in Moss' house. OMG, they ate som tam again.
And, another day, in Khon kaen hospital, we had to pay a visit to P'thick who got some blood problem in brain. and she asked us to buy her Som tam. Oh mine, why????/ it's spicy and she kept eating it. and i knew that Som tam is isaan, and vice versa.

I think my life with som tam was ended. We went to Korat (Nakhon Rattchatshima), and in the very night we had to go back to hotel, and Moss asked me to accompany him to buy Som Tam because he said that som tam in Norat is the best one, and i still didnt get what's the different :p

and because of Som tam, we had to miss the last Songthaew to go to Hotel, and we ahd to take Tuktuk and we had to pay 80 THB. hahaha.. and we ate the som tam in the hotel with beer. Wherever I went in isaan, Som tam would be always. I had to leave Thailand to Go to laos, and i met my BFF, Tri Tusseno in Ubon ratchathani, and we went to Big C mall in teh city, we were so starving, and he decide to buy som tam (Oh No...) and the taste now was different with others i tried before, and we threw up after ate this som tam in Ubonrat. hahahaha

TukTuk we took due to missing the last Songthaew

SOM TAM is ISAAN. and I started missing it. I hope i can find it in jakarta very soon....
You won't be in isaan if not trying Som tam. It's absofuckingly spicy for me, and you will miss when u are home...

Membuat Paspor

hari itu, sekitar akhir bulan November 2011, gue meniatkan diri untuk membuat buku saku hijau alias paspor. Di awali dengan membaca-baca pengalaman orang dalam membuat paspor, gue memberanikan diri untuk membuat paspor sendiri.
Gue bikin paspor di kantor Imigrasi II Depok. pertama, gue mencari-cari lokasi kantor imigrasi depok, yang menurut situs imigrasi ada di kawasan jalan margonda. Gue ubengi tuh jalan margonda, bolak-balik (untung gue dapat pinjeman motor dari temen gue. hehe) udah kayak apa aja. Mulai dari daerah pesona Kayangan,s emua orang gue tanyain jawabannya pada ga tau semua (lagi apes, orang yang gue tanya belum punya paspor atau bikinya di jaksel). nah, akhirnya gue dapat pencerahan dari satpam di kantor walikota Depok yang mengatakan bahwa lokasi kantor imigrasi di deket kantor DPRD. Nah, masalah muncul lagi (karena gue tanyanya setengah-setengah) dimanakan kantor DPRD Kota Depok berada?? karena gue terlanjur bilang iya-iya sama pak satpam, gue akhirnya menyusuri jalanan di depok sampai gue melihat petunjuk arah ke ' KANTOR DPRD'. Dan akhirnya gue dapet juga lokasi Grand Depok City. nah jam menyebutkan pukul 1 siang. dan gue menyelonong aja masuk. eh, pak penjaga tanyain, "mau ngapain dek?" Gue langsung aja bilang "Bikin passpor (masa mau bikin bakso di otak gue)." nah, walaupun wajah si bapak serem dan ga ada asyik-asyiknya ini, beliau memebri tahu kalo untuk penyerahan berkas harus sebelum pukul 11 siang. Yahhh.. akhirnya gue balik deh dengan kepala terdunduk lesu, tetapi ada secercah harapan. :)

hari berikutnya gue pagi-pagi (jam 10 lebih tepatnya. heheheh) menuju ke kantor imigarsi pakai taxi (terpaksa karena ga tau harus naik angkot apa dan buru-buru pula). ongkos Rp 18000 gue bayar lah ke pak sopir taxi berwarna Kuning (taxiku-red) dari ITC depok ke kantor imigrasi. dan gue udah dibilangin untuk mefotocopi semua berkas disitu sekalian beli map di sana. akhirnya gue foto copi, beli map, formulir, materei, semua habis Rp. 15000.
atas petunjuk bapak penjaga, geu disuruh mengisis di sana, tempat duduk yang kosong (ya kali pak gue harus duduk di tenpat ibu-ibu itu). setelah gue mengisis, geu kasihlah ke bagian pertama yang mengaudit berkas kita. mengantri sekitar 27 menit (nanggung amat), nama gue dipanggil. setelah kroscek-kroscek, nama gue dan di akte berbeda. waduh, masalah lagi. akhirnya setelah gobrol-ngobrol dan berdiskusi dan bernegosiasi (ceile bahasanya), gue memakai Fotocopi Ijazah, nah kembali masalah muncul (semakin banyak masalah ntar), gue tidak membawa ijazah SMA gue yang asli, untung gue bawa fotocopian. dan Ibu itu bilang tidak bisa :(. akhirnya setelah gue berupaya menyakinkan ibu itu, dan akhirnya gue di setujuin karena ijazah gue masih ada tanda legalisisrnya. setelah lolos kroscek pertama, gue harus menyerahkan berkas itu ke loket 1. dan harus menunggu lagi, untungnya tidak begitu lama, 5 menit nama gue kembali membahana di kantor imigrasi. dan setelah dikroscek2, gue lolos berkas. yeayyyy...senengnya ati gue. akhirnya gue di kasih tanda penyerahan beras dan harus datang ke kantor imigrasi 2 hari kerja lagi, dan maksimal 1 bulan setelah hari itu.

p.s. Dalam membuat paspor, mending saat fotocopi di kantor imigrasi saja, lebih mahal sih, tetapi terjamin benar dan semua berkas ditanyakan pas Fotocopi, jadi tidak perlu fotocopi lagi jika salah dan harus mengantri lagi.

Hari berikutnya gue kembali ke kantor imigrasi untuk melakukan wawancara dan foto. Udah keder nig gue ada kata wawancara. setelah memberikan bukti penyerahan berkas, gue dipanggil untuk melakukan pembayaran. 255 ribu rupiah saja untuk membuat ini. gue dapat bukti pembayaran dah harus menagntri untuk interbiew dan foto. setelah itu gue dipanggil lagi dan ternyata interview itu cuma ditanyain tanggal lahir dan nama, benar atau nggak sapa yang kita tulis dan kita omongkan. heheheh.. dan  akhirnta foto selese.
dapatlah gue nomer paspor gue A1627579 (AH... I miss my passport :) dan sebenarnya hari itu paspor kita udah selese jadi, ninggal nunggu tanda tangan dari ketua imigrasi setempat.

setelah itu gue kembali ke kantor imigrasi setlah 4 hari (harusnya 2 hari sudah jadi). pengambilan passpor diatas jam 1 siang. dan akhirnya gue dapat deh Paspor atas nama SUKO ADI PRASTIYO...
Voilaaaa.. dan mengurus pasport itu gampang. :)

i am back

Yupp... akhirnya gue mencoba kembali ke dunia per-blog-an. ini sudah hapir dua tahun setelah postingan terkhair gue bulan april 2010.

gue mencoba menuangkan apa yang gue alami dan apa yang ingin gue share ke semuanya. gue sekarang (saat ini-literally) lagi niat nulis-nulis.

dan akhirnya gue akan segera mengepost beberapa pengalaman gue aja.
so, i am still beginner in this area. butuh bantuan banget buat improve.
semata-mata gue menulis buat sebagai hiburan di kala senggang :)