Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Land of Hypocrite

Oh, Indonesia, the largest Moslem Country in the world and have 6 official religions. All people must have religion in their id with high respect to the tradition and the eastern behaviour.

One of the recent headlines is about the FORBIDDEN LADY GAGA.

in the name of culture and religion, Many people don't allow her to have concert in Jakarta.It's supported by the Police that they dont want to give any protection to the concert, that's why, no permit, no concert.

Lady Gaga, i am not kind of die hard fans, i just love her songs because it's literally good listening :)

so, to the point of the tittle, Land of Hypocrite. Who's that land???

the land is my beloved Country, Indonesia.

They (the religious people) protest in the name of adsurbness of the costume and the image. The Image of what??? the unproperly way of costuming in lady gaga. they said Lady gaga would harm the next generation. are they affraid of? FYI, the religious person always said that they are only affraid of God, but, now why they are affraid of Lady gaga??? it's so contrary adsurb.

Hypocrite, that's the people! am I as well?? well, i just say so. i mean I think so, but that that massively hypocrite. this hypocrite is MUCH MORE HUGE!!!

so, land of hypocrite in the name of God in the mother land...

It's the vehicle to enter the motherland!!!


Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Hello Stranger.. (1)

Tonight, not night here, just there :)
it was 2 in the morning (GMT +7). i am chatting with someone from very far far away country.

the story begins..

I am so interested in Polish language. It's damn hard for me, and I have no clue to learn more about this language. I have language books and dictionary of polish as well. but no much time to practise.
Until I got him on my skype details.
He's from Poland (for sure), and i dont even know his name, where he lives, and what his occupation. That i know is he is teaching me polsih. he taught me how to read very dam sentences, here i copy the sentences
"W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie
I Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie.
Wół go pyta: ”Panie chrząszczu,
Po co pan tak brzęczy w gąszczu?”
”Jak to – po co? To jest praca,
Każda praca się opłaca.”

”A cóż za to Pan dostaje?”
”Też pytanie! Wszystkie gaje,
Wszystkie trzciny po wsze czasy,
Łąki, pola oraz lasy,
Nawet rzeczki, nawet zdroje,
Wszystko to jest właśnie moje!”
So, any idea how to read them???
he can  do it. he taught me to spell it one by one, then read it entirely. i was so dumb reading them, how can I?? even the basic grammar i still forget. But he's awesome. he knows how to teach language to very dumb person. i was reading it very worse, and I marked myself 30 out of 100 and he said i was good, i dont know what's on his mind whn i was reading, i thought that he was laughing out loud :p

so, the stranger comes until everynight, and i still dont get him. Today, he told me that he was volunteer, and it's super cool to have E.T. friend from reversed flag country.
I just know that he's 'blindspirit'


let's see next story of E.T. friend

Foods and I

here I come again.
after some reherseals, i come back to my beloved blog. hereby, the post of having good sense of foods (eating for sure) i dont know what it calls in english.

The story begins..

I am 50 kg in weight of 169 cm height, it seems ideal, but totally No. nobody said ideal actuallt, just me assume that i am. The 'size' of my body never resizes the ability of eating. I have passion on eating, and foods. I am instantly getting fatter??? hell No. I want to be fatter, but the Destiny says another :(

Okay, Foods. they belong to my passion. No matter what it looks like, tastes like, or even hygiene, i still can eat it, as long as it's edible. Here some my great 'achievements' LOL

  1. I ate Cockroach, crickets, and grashoppers in Thailand. it was so strange, but one of my goal to go to thailand was to have them. And I did it. no matter how grossy it is, i tried it. that's what i called 'sense of food' everything is edible :p
  2. I tried geckoo, Worm, and Frogs. they are believed as medicine, traditional medicine. i got Geckoo from my pop, he told me that it would heal the itchiness due to insect's attack. it tasted so bitter,a nd i dont like it. but i got it done, i eman not whole, just few. Worm is for medicine in disgestion system. is it grossy?? yeah. I didn't expect that the wdrink when i got typhus was grilled worm. it tasted normally, and yeah as long as it's not poisonous, i am safe. the Frog??? i love the meat. it's recognizable as meat in my town
  3. i was the second winner of takoyaki amazing race competition. my friends and I (consisted of 4 people) raced to eat takoyaki (japanese food). They committe gave us the 'bonus' takoyaki, the bonus were containing Chili, salts, soar flavour (very sour), and bitter (overcooked). yeah we got second winner, we had Yukata photo session as the reward.
  4. etc (undescribable, but it's normal for sure)
so, no matter how it is. I am with my passion.

so, Suko is Food, and Food is not always Suko :)

so, see you to another fun story

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