Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Foods and I

here I come again.
after some reherseals, i come back to my beloved blog. hereby, the post of having good sense of foods (eating for sure) i dont know what it calls in english.

The story begins..

I am 50 kg in weight of 169 cm height, it seems ideal, but totally No. nobody said ideal actuallt, just me assume that i am. The 'size' of my body never resizes the ability of eating. I have passion on eating, and foods. I am instantly getting fatter??? hell No. I want to be fatter, but the Destiny says another :(

Okay, Foods. they belong to my passion. No matter what it looks like, tastes like, or even hygiene, i still can eat it, as long as it's edible. Here some my great 'achievements' LOL

  1. I ate Cockroach, crickets, and grashoppers in Thailand. it was so strange, but one of my goal to go to thailand was to have them. And I did it. no matter how grossy it is, i tried it. that's what i called 'sense of food' everything is edible :p
  2. I tried geckoo, Worm, and Frogs. they are believed as medicine, traditional medicine. i got Geckoo from my pop, he told me that it would heal the itchiness due to insect's attack. it tasted so bitter,a nd i dont like it. but i got it done, i eman not whole, just few. Worm is for medicine in disgestion system. is it grossy?? yeah. I didn't expect that the wdrink when i got typhus was grilled worm. it tasted normally, and yeah as long as it's not poisonous, i am safe. the Frog??? i love the meat. it's recognizable as meat in my town
  3. i was the second winner of takoyaki amazing race competition. my friends and I (consisted of 4 people) raced to eat takoyaki (japanese food). They committe gave us the 'bonus' takoyaki, the bonus were containing Chili, salts, soar flavour (very sour), and bitter (overcooked). yeah we got second winner, we had Yukata photo session as the reward.
  4. etc (undescribable, but it's normal for sure)
so, no matter how it is. I am with my passion.

so, Suko is Food, and Food is not always Suko :)

so, see you to another fun story

Suko adi Prastiyo

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