Rabu, 25 April 2012

let's cook: Che

Finally, i made it :)
That day, friday, 20 April 2012, when The class was over, i decided to go to Giant Hypermart in Depok. I was so excited to make this kind of sweet drink :)

After very long thinking, yeah I bought a package of tapioca Pearl and Corns, and also the Coconut Milk. 


I cooked, boiled for sure, all the kinds of stuff i bought.

what the step??
Boil the tapioca Pearl

The Corn's Kernels
1. Boil the tapioca pearl on water in the pan with strong Fire. waiting about 10-15 minutes until it looks translucent, wit color of the tapioca pearl u make

Add the mixture with coconut milk and corn's kernel
2. After the Tapioca pearl translucent, pour the Corn's Kernel to the pan and also the Coconut Milk Powder (I chose this kind of coconut milk because i can adjust the thickness of the of the broth i wanted to. For sure, and some sugars according to your desire. Usually this drink is so sweet, so i added a lot of sugar to make it very sweet because it's very nice to drink in the sweet time :)

Stir it gently

seems so raw
3. wait for them until they are cooked enough and well-done. Stir it gently and add some honey to make the aroma and also the sweetness
Honey Again

Add Some Honey
4. The Che bap is ready to serve. better in Cold, but Hot or warm is good as well. I added topping with Nata De Coco.

so, happy cooking..
Voila!! It's Ready
I love Vietnam. I went there and i am falling in love on it. I can't forget all the memories I made there, and then that's how i show my love, make the cuisine of this country.

And Thank to......
Raden Icu Surtini Mawarni as My cooking assistant. Good Job Sist!! :)
Icu, My Cooking assistant

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