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seductively spicy

here i write my first post in English.
It's to improve my english. so, It's no wonder if many mistakes, grammatically or vacabularily. :p

Here i want to write about one of the most Authentic Cuisine from Indochina (especially Isaan province in Northeast thailand)..

wooo.... and it goes To


so ther story begins..

what a nice experince i have while i was in Isaan, especially in Khon Kaen.
here, i was introduced to Som Tam. it's kinda funny because it's made from unrippen papaya, or so called 'papaya salad'. yeah it's totally salad, originally Isaan.

my friend, Moss. thanks baby bro :p He told me about Khon kaen and Isaan.
Som tam is kind of compulsory food of Isaan.
so, it's made from unrippen papaya, cucumber, young manggo, and some peanuts. for flavour, It's Totally SPICY. with Fish sauce, Brined Crap (the weirdest is they the entirely crabs, including the shell). what a!!!!
and it's so stinky for me.

oaky, in his famiy, we had dinner with Som tam, and they ate (so weird again) with Sticky rice. it's weird because in Indonesia we eat Sticky rice for snack, not main course. at first i rejected to eat them, but i tried to taste, and it's damn Spicy!!! and for them it's so so.

another day was coming, Moss and I went to Phu Kradueng National park in Loei Province. Once more, we met strangers (and so called helli Stranger mates) in the top of the mount. we rent tent and we were very hungry. we found them having a lil feast and they asked us to join. and again, they ate Som tam and it's kore spicy than i tried in Moss' house. OMG, they ate som tam again.
And, another day, in Khon kaen hospital, we had to pay a visit to P'thick who got some blood problem in brain. and she asked us to buy her Som tam. Oh mine, why????/ it's spicy and she kept eating it. and i knew that Som tam is isaan, and vice versa.

I think my life with som tam was ended. We went to Korat (Nakhon Rattchatshima), and in the very night we had to go back to hotel, and Moss asked me to accompany him to buy Som Tam because he said that som tam in Norat is the best one, and i still didnt get what's the different :p

and because of Som tam, we had to miss the last Songthaew to go to Hotel, and we ahd to take Tuktuk and we had to pay 80 THB. hahaha.. and we ate the som tam in the hotel with beer. Wherever I went in isaan, Som tam would be always. I had to leave Thailand to Go to laos, and i met my BFF, Tri Tusseno in Ubon ratchathani, and we went to Big C mall in teh city, we were so starving, and he decide to buy som tam (Oh No...) and the taste now was different with others i tried before, and we threw up after ate this som tam in Ubonrat. hahahaha

TukTuk we took due to missing the last Songthaew

SOM TAM is ISAAN. and I started missing it. I hope i can find it in jakarta very soon....
You won't be in isaan if not trying Som tam. It's absofuckingly spicy for me, and you will miss when u are home...

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