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Jakarta: Lebak Bulus on Twillight

Now, this section, i am telling you about jakarta. Actually I am not Native Jakarta. I was a country who had to go to Jakarta and live in suburb. Okay just overview about it :)

It's time to see one of the important part of South Jakarta, It's Called Lebak Bulus. I pass this area every monday, thursday, and tuesday. It will be unforgettable for me then when i am not here :)... what's the typical of this area??? Hmm, the typical ones are what i usually pass by :)
and Lebak Bulus is Hub area in South jakarta to the suburb areas around (South Tanggerang  and Depok)

1. The street vendors some when the twilight (Maghrib) comes
The vendors around pedestrian
the center of Lebak Bulus is the intersection road. the traffic light, 2 malls, and flyover above. And when the twilight (Maghrib) comes the street vendors some to sell what they cook..

Soto Ayam  Lamongan, east java chicken soup

The typical street vendors of Indonesia, they open the stall on the pedestrian, and they start selling at 4 p.m. and the most people coming is on 6 p. when may people finish working an they feel hungry along the street. Due to hub area, many people will pass this street.

The menus are yummy and some may be not clean, but don't worry, it'll be a treat to your stomach so that it won't be baby anymore :) My Favorite menu is Soto Ayam Lamongan, it's in the middle of   food stalls there. They have two sotos, Once is soto daging (Beef soup) and Ceker (Chicken leg). It tastes sour and you can add some grounded chillies to them for spicy.

This area is so accessible.  You can reach from International Airport by Damri bus for 20k IDR it costs 2 hours, and also reachable from many areas from many cities from other provinces because it has one of the main bus station!!
The Traffic light intersection of the main road. It was 5.30 p.m and started traffic jam
so, if u have chance to visit this place, don't hesitate to take a look the traffic jam and the vendors!!!

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