Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Land of Hypocrite

Oh, Indonesia, the largest Moslem Country in the world and have 6 official religions. All people must have religion in their id with high respect to the tradition and the eastern behaviour.

One of the recent headlines is about the FORBIDDEN LADY GAGA.

in the name of culture and religion, Many people don't allow her to have concert in Jakarta.It's supported by the Police that they dont want to give any protection to the concert, that's why, no permit, no concert.

Lady Gaga, i am not kind of die hard fans, i just love her songs because it's literally good listening :)

so, to the point of the tittle, Land of Hypocrite. Who's that land???

the land is my beloved Country, Indonesia.

They (the religious people) protest in the name of adsurbness of the costume and the image. The Image of what??? the unproperly way of costuming in lady gaga. they said Lady gaga would harm the next generation. are they affraid of? FYI, the religious person always said that they are only affraid of God, but, now why they are affraid of Lady gaga??? it's so contrary adsurb.

Hypocrite, that's the people! am I as well?? well, i just say so. i mean I think so, but that that massively hypocrite. this hypocrite is MUCH MORE HUGE!!!

so, land of hypocrite in the name of God in the mother land...

It's the vehicle to enter the motherland!!!


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