Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

What I felt for the very first Thing

I started posting with no eager to write :) i had no theme to post to. However, suddenly I had an idea to write my experiences for doing something first time. It will look so ashamed, but it was my memories that i caould not easily erase.
here they are

1. The very First Flight
It was January 15th, 2012 night before my first fligh at 10.50 am january 16th, 2012. I could not sleep during the night waiting for my flight. It looked so strange when i had to wait for my flight. I did research regarding to the taking plane as transportation, how to check it, how to get boarding pass, how to sit, how to rescue in case accident, how to reach teh airport, how to check out in immigration, etc. All was on my head on a night. Before, i though not that complicated. Clock showed me 2 in the morning, and i realized that i had to sleep due to my very early flight. I still could not get into 'sleeping' instead of close-eyes-think-another. But yeah finally i slept. I woke up late enough, i woke up at 7 am (i planned to wake up at 6 and got to airport at 7 am), and then i took a bath very quickly, took my bagage, not really bagage just bag and stuffs and waiting for van to go to Bus port and i reached bus port At 8.20 and got the bus at 8.30 to leave. Traffic jam for the first an hour, and finally got my way on time, i arrived in airport at 10.05 and my flight at 10.50. and I ralized that 'must come 2 hours before' is much better :)

2. Check in Counter
My first experience continued in airport. I had to go to Counter Check in. I had  no idea about that and i got the flowing and followed the foreigner and i was wrong, that i am native, so i have different counter check-in and that i learnt from, I have to position myself as local :p

3. Not My Country
11.25 am was shown in Changi International Airport Budget Terminal, Singapore. Yeah it's my first time arrive in abroad. I was shocked the differences of us and I was officially foreigner :) I was so happy and i did mistakes again, i didn't take embarkation paper and i just queued up in line, when got my turn, the official asked about the embarkation card, and i didn't have it, s i have to take the card backward and fill it and queued up again, when i finished writing the card, and another flight from Manila came, and the queuing was getting longer,a nd finally i got my turn and yeah i was international that time :)

4. iPod
hag hag Hag Hag..... sounds 'what the hell!' But it was true. I had my first iPod this May 2012. i bought the used one because i had no enough money to purchase new one and update one :) i was getting strange to it how to operate and bla bla bla regarding to the my iPod. But later i am in love with my iPod 3G, the gadget i can buy from my own money :)

5.....  (To be Continued)

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