Selasa, 05 November 2013

Story of Our Life

Here comes to write again. I just watched One Direction's Latest video, Story of my life , I thought to write down , and yes, I did it.

And the story will go differently with 1D's. However, our story is astonishing as theirs.

"And I'll be gone, gone tonight
The ground beneath my feet is open wide
The way that I've been holding on too tight
With nothing in between"
(One Direction, 2013)

So, I didn't ask for permission to my friends to write down about them, But i am sure they will surely agree. The story began from SEA Games 2011 held in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are a group of hippies students who are searching for the best of life by questing the way to do it. But i won't tell the details about it.

Story of our life of the bangerz. Bangerz here might be derived from Miley Cyrus's latest album. However, We had our name (without z) way before Miley released. She might be inspired by ours.

The story is about 4 peeps. Let me cover up their real name with fake but awesomely fantabulous name. they are Bangsen, Bangjuk, Bangle, and Bangsuk. They seem so obvious, but none cares!

We are living under others' spell. Jealous and envy come and go amongst us. But that may strengthen us to not be crooked.

I can say that Bangsen is the perfect amongst us. Bangjuk always envies to us since she has no time to hang out and lives far far away from us. She always rejects the invitation unless she is threaten by. Bangle always envies to the our achievement, especially in traveling abroad. She's the only one of us who is not yet abroad. She really wants to make it soon, But she is so demanding to choose the country she wishes for, it's like unrealistically hard, but still visible to do so. Bangsuk, the only of them who is not graduated yet, envies since others are already graduated and he is cramped to finish his final thesis. And Bangsen, he already achieved all what others does envy.

And I utterly believe that we will succeed to be in our dream. We might be in Dreamland, but we are not in wonderland. Bangjuk will have prominent job soon and commute to the reachable place. Bangle will go abroad either for traveling or international conference. and Bangsuk will graduate soon. Bangsen will be always stunning as before.

Now, Bangsen is in Turkey to continue his 'pilgrimage' learning turkish, arabic, and for sure islamic studies. He's the pious-est amonst us. You will have bags of wishes and lucks in Turkey. He will have been there for 2-3 years from now. We will reunite in Turkey for sure.

Bangle now is enrolling for pursuing her Master Degree in Chemical Engineering. She is the most excellent amongst us in terms  academics. Once she is done, she will undeniably awesome. 

Bangjuk now is job seeker. She is sort of picky person, but she knows the best. She must be hired by prominent company and she will be smelling money everyday!

Bangsen now is doing his thesis. He may be late in graduating, But he promises that he will reach the fittest.

So, All the best of us! We will have our story written in the  big book that everybody will read easily. And for sure, We will have silver lining after the things occurred desirably or undesirably.

Love that never before !!

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