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Before Sunset (HK-MCA-SZ part 2)

above the cloud

In my entire flight of JT960, I was all sleeping. I didn’t pay attention or even cared about what it would happen in-flight. Fachry sat just next to me and i was next to the window, yeaa i got a window seat

I was unsure whether the flight was good or not. The short sleep before bandung bound made me sleep so peacefully. I therefore woke up from my deep sleep (i was thinking that i had been voodooed to sleep all day). What made me wake up? Yeah the seat was uncomfortable enough, i meant that i already reached the uncomfortable state from the seat after about 45 mins sleeping. Just several minutes after waken up, i heard that the flight attendant announced that the flight would be shortly arriving. I stared to the window and saw the island, and i was pretty sure it was some part of Bali. It was wonderful above the cloud. Bali is paradise on earth.

Finally, we arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. The IATA code is DPS (I assumed that it was diminutive of DENPASAR, the capital city of Bali) but it is not located in Denpasar, it is outside the city closed to Kuta. This was my first time to arrive in bali by air. I thought I would arrive in fancy airport since bali is tourist destination. Damn, all my expectations were all wrong. The domestic Terminal was terrible, or because it was under construction of extension of the airport. The floor was so dirty, no tunnel, like a low cost airport, and it didn’t look fancy at all.

I texted my old best friend, his name is SUHARTO (no pseudo-name here). I told him that i would arrive at 1200 in Bali. I switched off my phone during flight as what a good passenger. I completely forgot that i had a appointment to meet him. I was walking to go out from the airport to grab some foods. Suddenly i switched on my phone. I didn’t get any sms but whatsapp messages. I ignored my phone since fachry and I were so hungry. 

Along the way to exit the airport, many people offering us taxi ride, talking to us in javanese. We just ignored them and started deciding the restaurant we would have to eat. I immediately remember about my appointment and i checked my phone, and BINGOOOOO 5 SMS’s from Suharto. Oh Danggg, he waited for me and tried to call me, then he assumed that i canceled my flight to bali. My bad was i didn’t inform him about my flight number and when i was in Bandung. I decided to eat in Burger King and I started calling him to come to Airport. It was about 2pm local time. We had our lunch (a late lunch). And Suharto arrived at 3.15pm local time.

Considering about our flight HK at 2035 local time and i had to check in 2 hours prior the flight, at 1835, i only had very short time to roam the area of bali as I planned before. I talked a bit and introduced him to fachry. I was wasting time there by keeping thinking what i should do. Then i decided to leave the airport to see the sunset in Kuta, about 20 minutes drive (if not jamming). Then fachry wouldn’t join us, and he couldn’t join us as well since it was punishable if three people on motorbike ride. Suharto and I kept talking along the way to go to parking lot to unpark his motorbike. It was the first time after about 2 years we didn’t see each other. Suharto is the best friend i ever have in my life, he has very unique life that i cant even understand. He’s very humorous, bully-able (is it a word?), and so friendly.

It took about 10 minutes to unleash the bike from the lot, yeah it was a jam. I suddenly hopped into the bike and hit him to start the engine. Wrrrrrrrr we kept talking about what we did recently. I was surprised a lot with all his recent stories.  But i didn’t surprise him since i am a facebook active user, he could track so he basically knew my recent status. In the same time, i was quite worried about my flight. It was traffic Jam and suharto drove very carefully. I shouted at him to speed up, but we couldnt since the traffic was stuffed. I could dig it anyway.

beautiful kuta before sunset
Suharto told me about his unheard-by-me experiences when he was in Kalimantan, i will not write here anyhow, too long and i forgot already. The worry was still on. It was 4.20pm already and the sunset would appear at 6 instead. I was done. Okay i arrived in Kuta beach at 4.35pm and we looked for the lot to park our motor bike, and yes we found that. It was cloudy day, and the chance to see beautiful sunset was low. So i took several pictures and felt the sand of the beach for a while
failed to catch the sunset
We were in the beach for about 15 minutes and i decided to leave. I urged suharto to speed the walk and grab our motorbike. No idea where to go but airport, until suharto gave the best option, to see the bali’s first and only highway long the coast and mangrove area. That was brilliant. We drove, he actually, to the highway. It was built for APEC Conference 2013 to overcome the traffic along the bypass road. 

It was about to sunset and the scenery was breathtaking. For motorbike, we had to pay for 4000 Rupiah and for 4-and-more-wheeler was 10000 Rupiah. The journey to circle the highway was only 20 minutes and it started drizzling. For a minute i was speechless then i kinda celebrated the free me. I was shouting out loud for this awestruck moment. The most beautiful highway i ever see in whole my life. The gate was so bali, with barong and balinese art sculpture. I recommend to come to this highway and try a ride during the sunset. The sunset was almost as good as in kuta beach, but almost is never enough.

It was drizzling and we had to come to the airport as soon as possible. From the exit gate of highway it took about 10 minutes to the parking lot. And from the parking lot to the international terminal made me run for about 10 minutes. And to find the vacant lot for bike was so long, or seemed so long probably because i was in hurry. Then i was in so bad condition couldn't think clearly. I asked where the international terminal hurriedly and i left suharto behind. I felt bad then i waited for him and had him run after me.

I arrived in international terminal at 6.25pm and i read my phone there were several messages from friends of mine that already waited for me. And yeah i could make it on time.

the highway

entry gate of the highway

motor bike way

yes i am here

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