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Into The Wild (HK-MCA-SZ part 3)

we were in Ngurah Rai Int'l Airport, Bali. see how crowded it was
After I saw off Suharto in the entry gate to the terminal since he couldn't get into, I came to counter check-in to ask whether my friends already checked in or not. And none of my friends checked in already. I was relief and tried to call fachry to monitor their position. Suddenly they arrived approaching me, and i just knew 3/7 of them (fachry, elsa, and enggar). Fachry kinda yelled at me and got mad since i was unable to contact, but it was fine. They all already knew each others but me. So, only one girl amongst us, mega, then her brother (sorry i forgot his name), then mas barlin, and catur. Fachry, Elsa, Catur and Enggar were class mate in University. Fachry was my friend from the same hometown. Mega was friend of Enggar, She was studying in another university. Her brother was unidentified by me hehehe, and mas barlin was a entrepreneur from Jogjakarta, actually he was friend of enggar and mega. Everybody had graduated already but me. There would be one more joining us next day since he was taking another flight, the lil brother of enggar.

We all had our boarding pass already. However, we would had our dinner instead of proceeding to immigration. We had our take away dinner in the corner of the terminal when none could see (actually everybody could). We had grilled chicken with spicy sambal. We had no cutlery and we just use our hand to eat them (it’s common in indonesia to use hand for eating without using cutlery). It looked very bad i think when in international airport, we 8 people sat circling and ate our meals with hands in styrofoam pack. We didn’t care about but very hungry. We finished our meals, cleaned up our hands in the washroom inside the toilet just next to our fancy eating place.

We proceeded to the immigration, we paid for airport tax (because it was excluded from the flight ticket) for 150,000 IDR each. I had a little conversation to the officer there

bli (a balinese version of bro), the airport is really good, it’s new terminal. Anyway, why the airport tax is so expensive, as expensive as in jakarta airport?”

suksma (balinese for thank you), yes we just finished our extension. And for your information, we probably will charge more for the airport tax next year.”

“WHATTTT?? Really? WHYYYY?? Entire Indonesia?” I asked him with high tone.

“because it is new terminal and it’s getting better, so we charge more for the convenience. And it’s only for Bali airport so far the plan. It probably arises to 250,000 IDR. Anyway, have a nice and safe flight.

“okay, suksma bli!” I Replied with lower pitch.

Everybody passed the immigration and we were waiting for the plane to fly. Actually it was the inaugural flight from Bali-Hongkong by Tiger Mandala air, so we had promotional price. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people with us, most of them were from surabaya and jakarta (not from bali). And enggar, he’s member of IndoBackpacker, knew some of them.Fachry decided to buy a bottle (600 mL) of water for 15,000 in case he would get thirsty and i didn’t do since i planned to sleep along the flight. Eventually we found out that the price in-flight was cheaper, just 10,000 IDR.

The calling to board of our flight finnaly came out. Everybody hurriedly get up and got to the airport bus taking us from the boarding room to the aircraft. It was about 3-5 minutes journey from the room to the aircraft. Everybody got their seat already and i sat next to elsa and stranger since i was in the middle seat (not convenient at all).

The flight took off from the land smoothly and yes it flew higher and higher. I brought my neck pillow with me so i could sleep better. Since i was very tired running to catch the time and the short sleep a night before made me fall more deeply to sleep. I couldn’t see any distraction to me. The flight finally arrived in Hongkong International Airport On time. The 5++ hours journey was very pleasant since i was sleeping all the time.

It was early morning (about 1 am local time). The airport was VERY GOOD, and it was warm enough for us. We connected our device to wifi there. And our devices connected to the wifi and the wifi was very good. We browsed about the temperature, and it was falling to 8 C outside but inside the airport was warmer. We all already prepared with our ‘coat’ and some against the cold. 

We decided to stay up in airport until the sun came since we had to save money and no bus running at that time. We wouldn’t spend money for accomodation that time. It was not only us staying inside the airport, some groups also decided to do the same. We occupied the seat which was convenient enough to sleep. And there were a lot of power socket to charge our device there. We wouldnt’t miss this chance, everybody had their devices charged.

enjoy the (not) show
It was so cool to stay up there. The carpet was smooth and clean enough. Even i lied on the floor instead of being in seated couch since it was good enough. Although inside the airport was warmer than outside, the temperature was still cold for us. We covered ourselves with tight jacket and gloves. We were still tropical person.

Everybody was sleeping but me because i had it before in-flight and they didn’t. I watched their belongings and did surfing to internet in the same time. It was really really good rest for us in teh airport. The airport was very clean, organized, and fancy. None disturbed us sleeping. Anyway, drinking water fountain was available just next to us. it was abundant in each corner of the airport, especially near the toilet. I was unsure about tap water there whether safe or or. But the drinking water fountain helped already to wet my throat. So, bottle ready when we are in Hong Kong International Airport! 

Elsa and Fachry chilling out

the charging plots, mind the sleepy head! hehe

Feel like home, catur?

Enggar and the cold?

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