Jumat, 11 April 2014

Frozen (HK-MCA-SZ part 5)

Once I stopped in Sheung Wan MTR, I looked for the map attached in the information board. I found the exit and ventured directly to the ferry terminal. The ferry terminal was located near the shopping mall-like. There were some shops and stalls selling from fods to clothes. I was confused where to purchase the ferry ticket to macau. There were two ticket counters i saw in that area. I put a glance to the one counte which had many routes to Macau, and another had fewer. I had no idea what to do at that time, i kept walking around looking at the each counter. I came approaching the lady guard standing against me lean to the periphery of the glass-like fence. I asked whether the counter to purchase ticket to Macau. With no any word, she pointed to the counter that had more frequencies to depart. Then i followed her advise, looked at the fare table instead of the time table. The price for night jouney was more expensive than day time. The ferry was running 24 hours. Also Friday and weekend, the fare was more expensive.

The Ferry and the tunnel
I choose the cheapest class, and it cost 159$ one way. I handed my money and received my ticket. The ticket seller told me to go on board 30 minutes at leats before the ferry leaves.  I was scheduled to depart from terminal at 09.30 local time. It was about 08.30 and i had time before checked in. It was about 9 and i looked at the screen showing the passengers the schedule. There was no ferry code, only the company. So only one company run the ferry that time, TurboJet. And it was all in chinese character that i had no idea. I just stared at the screen trying to figure out how to deal with this. I put attention on the time departure, and i saw my ferry was on screen and said to go to gate to check in. Since the ferry terminal is the international exit gate of the country, i had to proceed to immigration too as in airport.

I was done the process in the immigration office. Time to go! The long queue to go to the waiting lounge of the ferry. There were several gates and my gate was at gate 1, yeah i was lucky number 1!!! Surprisingly, i was the firrst about 10 people to stand on line. Few moments later, bulk of passengers came behind to set the long queue. I was so happy that the officer worked very efficently. He worked very fast to check on by one ticket and in the same time he has to attach the seat number to the ticket. I was lucky to have seat numbet 24K. I went to the waiting lounge and it had wifi, the descent wifi. So i turned on my device and surfed to internet and updated some in my social media accounts. The wait was over, time to board to the ferry. The ferry looked amazing and super. I never had this good ferry in my life. Everybody went to the ferry according to the seat given prior to check in. There was a guide to help us to find the correct seat.

Inside the ferry; clean and comfortable
The ferry for me met the international standard. It had the steward and stewardess in ferry. The ferry attendants were so friendly and firm to the passengers by smiling and pointing to the correct seat. They had their attendant attire. I looked for my seat and found my seat very comfortable because it was next to the window. It took few minutes for all passengers boarding. The ferry looked fully seated that time, i assumed because it was with the christmas holiday. Actually, so many Chinese people from Mainland that time and also taiwanese. However, the one who seated next tome was Korean guy. I forgot his name because we just had few talk before the ferry left. Few minutes the ferry left, i felt asleep and i missed the whole jouney. I had no idea about the whole jouney looked like, how beautiful the journey it was. The seat was very comfortable for me. It was soft and clean. I fell asleep deeply and more deeply and the korean guy woke up when we were about to arrive. i thanked to him for waking me up. I looked so tired and frankly i fel that i was smelling not that good at time. Thanks to the aroma of the ferry that erase my slight ly bad smell.

I ventured out to the terminal and proceed to teh immigration. Macau and Hongkong are special administrative Area of China. Furthermore, those two countries have their government, and we are considered to enter another country. The immigration was easy and we just surrendered our passport and they did not stamp to our passport like we had in Hongkong as well. They gave me the piece of paper containing the duration of stay permitted in Macau SAR. The terminal was good enough and comfortable in macau. I directly went to the toilet, finished the morning ritual i delayed before and also put perfume on to me to reduce the bad smell emitted from me. It looked disgusting anyway, i ventured out with good smell already and i was ready to spread the smell and smile to Macau. Actually, i had no idea what to do and what to see in macau but casinos. I just let it flow. It was very windy and i just occupied myself with normal jacket that not resistant to cold wind. I was almost frozen in macau.  I was feeling relief that i finally stepped into one of my dreams; to see Macau.

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