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Pakistan day 2: Against the all odds (part 2/2)


Somewherely Nowhere
I tried to figure out about Clifton area. It was housing area with big housed and rich people. The area looked so well, a typical posh area. I walked with my tab as I needed to asked the people to show me the address of Mobilink. 

When I was walking, I passed Indonesia’s Consulate house. I was very surprised and I decided to get into in case I would get something from the house. The house was locked and there was one security guard. I asked him about this and told him I was Indonesian. Unfortunately, he could only speak few English.

“Not here, Office is there.” He told me and pointed somewhere.

I realized that that was the house not the office.
Indonesia's Consulate House in Clifton, Karachi
I walked passing the allies of the housing complex and asked many people about the address of Mobilink center.

 “D-21/22, Block 8, Chaudry Khaliquzzaman Road, Scheme 5, Kehkashaan?” security guard confused about the address.

 I screenshot-ed the address in my tab and showed him. Then it made the entire block busy. He gathered all the security guards to solve this problem and nobody knew about this address. It seemed like I made a chaos in the block already as people were trying to help me. It was a touching moment from me as people kindly helped me.

They couldn’t help but they asked me to come to security office next block that they might help me.

Shukriya, I am from Indonesia, not China.” I smiled to them as they kept guessing I was from China.  Then I left and followed his instruction and found the place he meant.
Assalaymualaykum!” I greeted the security guards
wa’alaykumsalam.” They replied.
Then I showed them the address of Mobilink, one of the senior guard knew this place.
“Ah, this is Punjab Chowrangi, pretty near from he, about 10 minutes by Rickshaw. Anyway, Do you want snack or something to eat?” He said and asked me.
Shukriya ji! No, thanks. Could you please give me Pani?”  I asked for water.
Then he instructed his fellow to give me 2 glassed of cold water and some jalebis. I drank it right away as I was so thirsty.
“Don’t go in a rush, I am calling Rickshaw Driver for you, don’t worry! Where are you from? China?” the guard said. In the meantime, other his fellows were following our conversation as they seemed to shy to talk with foreigners. I assumed they knew what we were talking about.
Nahin, I am from Indonesia, sir! How much from here to go to Mobilink center I should pay to rickshaw?”
“Indonesia? Muslim?” He asked me
I had no idea and just said “Alhamdolillah, yes sir!”
People were screaming happily. “ahaaaa, really? Very good. What is your good name?”
Pakistan (and the rest of South Asia) will ask your good name.
“Suko, ji!” I answered.
“Suko?? It is not Muslim name.” He replied
“It’s Indonesian name, sir! Many Muslims in Indonesia have Indonesian name instead of Arabic nameS.” I Cleared the understanding to him. Although I am Not Muslim but I am from world’s largest Muslim Country.
“oh Good Muslim Brother, don’t worry I will tell rickshaw driver to not fool you!” He said
Shukriya!” i replied

I enjoyed the drinks and jalebis. Few minutes later rickshaw driver came and then took me to Mobilink center for 40Rs.

Sky of Karachi
I arrived in Mobilink office. The security screening before entering the office was done. I smiled to the security guards, they replied.

It was Monday, a busy day. The queue was a bit long. I had to wait about 10 minutes to go to the desk. I gave him my passport to proceed to get SIM Card. I paid 150Rs and it would be active in 24 hours, not immediately. Then I had to think how to text Muzz and my friend right away and I had to wait.

I was thinking how to get home or to meet my AIESEC Friend, Hussain, as we agreed to meet. I saw free-to-try internet on Samsung tablet. I came to see then used it. I checked my email and got the email from Muzz asking about my condition then I replied. I checked my facebook page and Hussain sent me message to meet at 5pm in boat Basin. I replied and no answer from him as he was offline mode.

I stayed awhile inside the office to enjoy the AC before walking against the heat again. I still wondered where the boat basin was, and how to reach there (only by rickshaw). It was 2pm and the appointment was at 5pm instead. This area was far beyond my plan, as I didn’t search anything about Clifton area.

I walked hungry and on search for meals. I saw mall and decided to get inside as I was pretty sure that should be restaurants inside. The mall name is Forum Mall. I got into and proceeded myself to Food court area. I saw the menu and ordered for Chicken Briyani with Coke for 210Rs
I seated the empty one, and enjoyed my meals. Suddenly I checked and there was wi-fi. I enjoyed my big portion meal and the internet.

Cool People, huh?
While I was enjoying my meal, a group of cool people approached me.
“Hey Bro, whats up? Do you like the food?” Ask one guy,
Then the quiz is on, “Chinese? Japanese?” He guessed
“hmmm, Indonesia.” I replied

This country quiz seemed to not finish very soon.

Then he asked me to join his group with many cool people living in Karachi. There was a photo session for the new model wanna-be to get the fame. They all were so modern and sophisticated, and for sure they were high-class people.

“You know, this is my brother, he is now in London, UK!” He showed me his brother picture in his latest iPhone (iPhone is very luxurious here, not many people have it, or people dislike, I don’t know).
“you can go with us with our new car, don’t worry, my father is chief police, you will be fine with us” He said.
“I am so sorry, I have to meet my friends, and thanks for asking anyway. Nice to see you” I said
They then left the restaurant and disappeared.

Mall Alone
I had to wait Hussain and needed wifi to kill the time. I seemed like to not go out as it was still unbearable. I found nice coffee shop, which was not popular here in Pakistan, the coffee shop. I ordered one Cappuccino for 180Rs and enjoyed the wifi. Then actually I found out after Hussain replied my inbox that the Forum was close to his office. Then Hussain delegated his friend to meet me in that coffee shop in 2 hours. So I enjoyed the wifi for sure.

Mall Time
Hussain’s friend came at 5.20pm instead. (sorry I forgot his name, let’s call him Anwar). Actually, the seller of coffee shop kept asking me whether I needed more or ordered something. Then I realized that he wanted me to leave as I stayed there for about 2 hours.

Anwar waited for Hussain too to come in The Forum. Hussain arrived at 5.40pm. I knew Hussain from AIESEC Network although I had never met him before. 

Somewhere in Boat Basin
Hussain and Anwar were typical AIESECer. They did talk a lot about AIESEC things. We went for Chai again and Anwar insisted to pay for this time. We were waiting for another AIESECer to come as they would have meeting nearby. Finally he arrived and we left the chaikhanna to go to Dunkin’ Donut nearby.

Before Chai Time
Surprisingly, there were several AIESECers there ready for meeting. I got along with others and they were so nice. It was a happiness for me to meet friends here. As people say, Once You are AIESECer, you will be an AIESECer. I met one girl who went to Makasar in summer and she was so excited to meet Indonesian here. As I Came here for traveling not exchange. Her name is Duhree.

“How do you see Karachi so far?” Asked Duhree
“I love Karachi, the traffic was fine, and this city is so great.” I said

It seemed people so confused about it, but to be honest the traffic in Karachi is better than Jakarta.
They then had meeting leaving Hussain and me. I ordered donuts for 128Rs and had chitchat with Hussain. I needed to go, but one AIESECer will drop me home, so I had to wait them till finished.they finished at about 8pm and we started talking randomly again. We took some pictures and they were so good. 

As people started leaving the shop, and Anwar asked me to go with him as he would drop me, along with girl (forget the name). We passed through karachi’s traffic. And answer droped me home safely.
People were sleeping already but Muzzamil. We had a night talk and I shared my first “adventurous” trip in Karachi.

We said good night and I was so tired. 

Bus: 20 Rs
Drinks: 160Rs
Rickshaw: 250+40 = 290rs
SIM Card 150Rs
Biriyani + drinks 260Rs
Coffee 180 Rs
Donut 128Rs

total:1188Rs (12 US$).

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