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Pakistan Trip Day 3: Road Less Traveled 1/2

The sibling, how adorable they are
As I arrived late before, I was very tired, and I just felt it. Muzzamil tried to wake me up, but he canceled because I was sleeping beautifully and deeply. Surprisingly, I woke up at 9 am. Nobody was at home when I woke up, except Muzz’s Father. He saw me waking up and offered for foods and chai, as always. I asked to take a bath first instead. 

Muzz’s father was so nice too. He prepared the shower room and made sure the water was running. Muzz’s father was about 70 year old age, and he was still strong enough to walk and do many things. Once I finished taking shower, he insisted me to rub my body with oil, I was not sure what kind of oil it was. I refused to use it at the first time, and he raised his tone to me and I just agreed to rub it. At first, I just rubbed it a bit, but he, again, insisted me to rub whole my body. The oil smelled not that bad, but it was oil, I didn’t use to it anyway. Thus, I just rubbed whole my body and he was happy, and he one more asked me to apply the oil on my hair. I was shocked how I could apply the oil for body to hair. Then he grabbed the oil bottle and just applied it to my hair, I couldn’t refuse. The scent of oil now spread over the room. Muzz’s father could speak English well, but he had a hearing problem, so I needed to talk a bit louder.

Urooba , Muzz’s wife, already prepared my breakfast, naan bread with mutton kabab and the best drink ever, Mango shake. The time I was in Pakistan was a mango season, especially chonsa one when people were so crazy about mangoes. The foods were delicious and again, the portion was too much for Indonesian like me. In addition, I didn’t find it spicy, so I needed to adjust it with my tongue in order to adapt the taste, so I just applied bon cabe (Indonesian fried chili) to it. It didn’t destroy the original taste, but changed a bit. 
How I miss these kids, Misha and Mikail

I had an appointment with my friend, Komal Masood whom I met in Indonesia during her exchange time. However, she was busy and asked me to meet at 3.30pm. We talked using facebook as the internet connection in muzz’s house was still working. Also, the power shortage happened again. Thanks to muzz who provided the power generator at home.

I felt like to not want to do anything today. So I just stayed at home, took a rest as a result of yesterday epic journey. There was no one at home. However, muzz’s brother, Musab, arrived home at about 11.30am. Musab is at the same age as me. He was very big and, for sure, was bearded. He used to wear a crochet taqiyah or topi because he was just from masjid or mosque. Musab was personally different with Muzzamil. He didn’t enjoy and like traveling as his brother, also he seemed to be more religious, I mean practically. 

Musab had a dream to continue studying in Saudi Arabia, as for him, Saudi Arabia was a holy land and the origin of Islam itself. He wanted to be a religious leader. I was so impressed with that. In addition, he put his hatred to India, yes He was typical Pakistani. When I told my plan to visit India after Pakistan, he seemed to condemn about. He was also proud of his cricket team, over any countries. He was also very intelligent. We had conversation for more than 1 hour.

Musab had to go somewhere, and then I was alone again. Luckily, the kids, Misha and Mikael, were at home. They came into my room. Although we didn’t understand each other, we had so much fun. They seemed to enjoy spending time with me. I showed them my camera and we took several pictures. They were very adorable. The words that I knew were only kya, chaloo, bhai, kyun, shukriya. However, those words helped a lot already for our conversation.

They had to sleep during the day and I started my journey again to see Karachi. Exactly in 24hours my Pakistan number was activated and I could use it. I sent an sms to komal where to meet and when. She told me to meet in Eidgrah, Nazimabad. And I just replied okay.

This is qingqi (taken from google)
So she asked me to take Rickshaw to reach her place, and I preferred to not use it because it would cost me more. So I decided to take qingqi to reach her place. 

“You can take qingqi to reach my place from Safoora Goth. Take qingqi to NIPA, then changed to Hasan Square, then another to Nazimabad Petrol Pump!” Komal told me.
“okay!” I replied. Actually I was thinking how to do that instruction.
I went out to wave the qingqi to go to NIPA. Because all qingqis were NIPA-bound, so I wouldn’t be worried. In qingqi, male and female passengers should be split. My qingqi was empty and I was the first passenger. I took back seat (in qingqi, they have 2 seats, front view and back view). More people waved for my qingqi. Then there was a lady waving, as in front seat there were 2 men already, so the driver asked me, in urdu, to switch the place. At first I had no clue what he told me, but when I saw the lady I suddenly understood and gave the seat for her and sit in from, with other 2 men.
my Qingqi ride
The ride was good; it was my first qingqi ride. Then the man beside me asked me.
“Are you Chinese?” he asked me. Actually I was enough with this question.
“Indonesia. You know ji?” I replied and smiled.
“Of course, it’s beautiful country! I have been in Malaysia too. What a beautiful country!” He said. I just thought that he might misunderstand about Malaysia and Indonesia. “So are you working in Karachi?” He added
“I am traveling here. I am still student.” I said
“Wow, Nice! So I am living nearby, please come with me to my house. I am working in Textile Company. I am so glad if you can come along, maybe just for tea?” He asked me. That was just small hospitability of Pakistani.
“I am so sorry, I want to, but I am in a rush to meet my friend, maybe next time.” I said honestly though.
“Oh that’s bad. I am so sorry, I would like to go with you and take you around, but I have to go back. Next time, Insha Allah. Anyway, I am Mateen (this is pseudo-name, I forgot his name). and you?” He said
“Suko. Thank you so much!”
He then patted on the back to driver to stop soon.
“So because you can’t go with me, I have to pay for your qingqi. Please don’t refuse, this is my honour! It’s nice to see you, Insha Allah we will meet. Khuda Hafiz! See you!” He then just left.
Khuda Hafiz! Bahut Shukriya, Thank you very much!” I said.
Somewhere near Aga Khan Hospital
I safely arrived in NIPA, and suddenly attracted some people to stare at me. I, however, ambled along the way and randomly took qingqi. However I realized it was the incorrect qingqi. He stopped somewhere I had no idea, I just remembered the place was far and only market and people. I was so scared then I decided to take rickshaw to go to Nazimabad Petrol Pump. I attempted to bargain lower the rickshaw to take me, and I finally surrendered to pay 200Rs to go there after forth attempts. It took me about 15 minutes to reach Nazimabad Petrol Station. I called Komal and then she arrived with his brother to pick me in about 3 minutes. It was pretty fast. Her brother looked older that I was and for sure, he was just in High school. That was typical Pakistani look

 to be continued ......

Nothing is more fun that this, huh?

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