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Pakistan Day 3: Road Less Traveled 2/2

Me with topi and meals, this i called a Feast
Komal took me to her house. Her house was 4 storeys. First floor was rented, second floor was another family living in (yes, it was joint family house), and third floor was her real house. I met her mother (her father was working so I didn’t have chance to meet). Komal’s mother looked so young, and he was very excited to meet me. Also Komal’s sister in law (her cousin’s wife) was also there. Komal’s sister in law was doing her thesis about horizontal conflict of shi’a and suni in Pakistan, she also read Leo Tolstoy, as we had something in common.
As usual, the power shortage stroked the conversation. She had to turn off the fan and open all the windows wide. Her mom was coming with Chicken Biriyani, and some sweets. I was hungry indeed and took some, it was delicious. She didn’t cook, but she ordered because they knew I would arrive. If I could list all the Pakistani hospitalities, I would need 10 56-pages book to complete.
with Komal's Mother
Then komal’s mother gave me topi, a Northern area traditional hat. It was hot and komal took me to g upstairs to see around from the top. It was amazing to see Karachi from the top of 4th floor house. I saw from distant her youngest brother playing cricket with fellow kids. About 30 minutes I decided to go back down and I needed to leave soon because I didn’t want to be trapped in Karachi’s notorious traffic.
Komal had had marriage few months before and she would go to America with her husband. So i said see you again to her and her nice family. I was escorted by Komal’s brother by his car to go to Petrol Pump again to hail the qingqi.
from 4th floor
I directly stopped the qingqi to take me to Hasan Square.
“Bhai, Mujhe Batana Hasan Square, I want to go to Hasan square.” I told him as I didn’t want to get lost again.
Han, get in!” He said.
The ride was smooth and the qingqi seemed to not arrive in Hasan Square. Then I decided to stop. I was confused again. And I asked a man and he told me that I could get qingqi directly to NIPA. In the meantime, Muzzamil sent me sms that he woulg come back home late because the road was blocked by Protest activity, political one.
I succeeded taking qingqi to NIPA then to Safoora Goth. I already remembered all the places along University Road. The traffic was okay and I arrived home at Maghrib, Dusk.
I knocked the door and Musab let me in. Suddenly, Usama ji (Muzzamil’s brother in law) came with his kids. As a result, I played again with kids. We had so much fun. Urooba again served very nice food, now it was Naan with Chicken curry. I had dinner earlier because she knew that my dinner time was earlier that in Pakistan.
the sweetest sweets ever!
I continued again playing with the kids. Although we didn’t communicate well, we did have so much fun. They drew scenery. Surprisingly, the way they pictured mountain was same with Indonesian, two identical mounts with road in the middle and jungle sideways. We had fun until the kids had to sleep.
It was World cup event time, as in Pakistan football wasn’t so much popular, people were still following. Muzzamil came very late and he looked very terribly tired. However he took time to greet me.
I couldn’t sleep as I woke up late, then Musab asked me to join him and Muzzamil watching Football match between Nigeria vs Argentina. My first time watching football with Pakistani, and they did so enthusiastic. As I couldn’t stand longer, I signed out from them, and asked to sleep earlier. It was my very last night in Karachi.

Karachi sky

Chottu is playing cricket
Resident area
Komal's house from the top floor

They have some fun

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