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How I did it - When i was on my very first addicted experience (1)


I still remember that date, it was January 16th, 2012. I had to catch my flight at 11.25 Jakarta’s time by Tigerairways. It was my very first flight in my history. In the night before my flight, i could not sleep at all till then i slept at about 3 am. Then i wake up at 7 am and i was in hurry because i had to be in airport 2 hours before departure, i did not want to miss my flight. I took a bath, got dressed and also took all my bags to bring to my flight. I decided to take DAMRI Airport shuttle bus from Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal because i might get to the airport earlier. I got hurry and took Angkot number T19 to get to Bus terminal. It was traffic on the way there, i was so nervous. It costed about 45 minutes to get to Bus Terminal and I arrived at about 7.45am and i was lucky because the bus just started leaving. I usually took bus from Pasar Minggu Terminal, then i changed from Kp. Rambutan. I was slightly disappointed since i had to pay 5000 IDR more than usual i paid and also traffic was so bad. I could not stop praying to be to airport on time. i finally arrived in airport at 9.55 am. I was in rush and got to the departure gate. It was my very first time. i was kind of wondering how i figured it out. Got my passport and ticket, i approached to the line of Tiger Airways Check-in counter. I was bringing 2 bags and i was so afraid of since in the printed ticket it was written strictly 7kgs 1 handy bag. However, i kept calm and everything was okay. After paid 150,000 IDR for airport tax, i went to the boarding area. This was my stupidity. It was written the gate number, and i went to wrong gate to GARUDA INDONESIA Gate. It was totally wrong since my flight is low cost carrier and Garuda was Full cost carrier. Then i figured out my gate and waited for my flight. I took many pictures while waiting and the gate finally opened. I walked nervously and got into my very first aircraft. I found my seat and it was nearby the window. I did not want to miss this opportunity, i took some pictures from the window and the condition of the aircraft. One thing i amazed for my first flight was when the cabin crews showed us the security on the plane. It was like what others talked about, that was so good for me. I tapped a video about it.

The flight was flying finally. I was afraid since there was noisy around my ear. I could see Jakarta from above and clouds for sure. I was thinking that i dreamt about. However, that was real, and i knew how out-of-date i was to see those kinds of things.

Aircraft finally arrived in Budget Terminal Changi International Airport, Singapore. I was given a card to fill in but i did not do it. When i queued up in the line, i realized that i had to fill this card in, so i got out from the line and filled my card and got in the line again. The immigration officer asked me about where i would stay and how long i would be. I was telling them that i would be in Singapore for only 3 hours to catch my flight to Bangkok. And they were talking in broken Bahasa Indonesia.

I could pass the immigration, and it was time to wait another flight, the same carrier provider.  I was so hungry at that time and i saw McDonald’s restaurant. Then i realized i did not have so much money and no Singapore Dollar in my hands. I asked the lady in the information center about the wi-fi connection. I started surfing in Internet telling the world that i was in Singapore. Posted some pictures in Airport by facebook and saw many comments. I was so happy. That time, i could tell others that i could go abroad.

I came to check-in counter and got my boarding pass. I did not want to make a mistake again, i read carefully about the gate. The boarding area was so nice, they had free computer. I was so thirsty that time and i could not buy any mineral water. The gate for my flight opened eventually. I saw Indian lady as the guard. She looked so scary without any smile. When i was in the line, some passengers’ bag had to leave because it was too big. I started nervous about my bag. However, i passed again and got into my aircraft. I took some pictures again. Being alone was so bored. None to talk to made me just keep quite. Even the person sitting next to me was quite too. He was my very first “aircraft seat mate”. It arrived smoothly in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. I already understood about the embarkation card, so i filled it once in the aircraft.

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