Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Kiss Down- Angeles City.

Touched Down the Philippines, Mabuhay!!

It was 4.20 pm in Philippines’ time. I arrived [again] in Clark Airport with AirAsia. The flight from Taiwan was good. One thing that i am surprised about this airport is they do not check our bags, we just need to fill the paper that stated that we are bringing or not certain good, but they do not even check out bags. They already believe from previous checking security.

When i arrived in airport, i just brought NT Dollar (New Taiwan Dollar). Then i approached the money changer inside the arrival gate, and they only accepted USD. FYI, Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is small. They only one terminal, so you will not get lost to this airport.
The Air conditioned Jeepney with swarms of Passengers 

Then i decided to withdraw money by using ATM, The ATM in The Philippines charged me PHP 200 for each withdrawal. Then i had to be in Nepo Mall in Angeles City to meet my Host. The cheapest way is by using public transportation. The public transportation in The Philippines is notoriously called JEEPNEY, A modified Jeep i think. And also there are several taxis waiting outside, also Buses to go to Manila (about 2 hours). There was a guy with sign “JEEPNEY to SM Mall, Angeles City, And Dau Bus Terminal), then i approached him and he told me to go to his Jeepney. The jeepney costs PHP 50 to go out, and the jeepney is air conditioned, that’s why it’s little bit expensive for me. The journey to get to the main gate of Clark Airport is about 15 minutes. We passed the army base camp and barracks. The main gate is in C-Point (they call it that name) near the SM Mall. Then i had to find jeepney, blue jeepney with sign written “C-POINT-HOLLY-HI WAY”. Then i tried to figure it out, the i saw a jeepney with that sign. I decided to hop on and asked to the driver whether this jeepney was going to those mall or not. The jeepney run OK. Since i am Indonesian and i used to live with chaos situation, the traffic, unruled thingies happened. A little bit shock since i was coming from Taiwan.

The first thing came in my mind was that Angeles city, or pampangan, is quite big and crowded. Jeepneys are everywhere. The rule that just knew from Jeepney in the Philippines is people pay just right after hopping into. When i was in the jeepney, a young lady hopped to the Jeepney, then she gave me money, 8 PHP. Then i just starred at her, the another lady  took the money and gave to the driver. Then i realized it’s money for the driver. Did i pay after that? No, i am still Indonesian, i pay when i hop off. Then i saw the mall, JENRA MALL. Then i knocked the jeepney and asked whether that was right or not. Then i paid 8 PHP (As my friend said to me). I walked through the crowd of the street. It reminded me about Jakarta. Then i decided to buy Local SIM CARD. Then i went to the cellphone stall just right in front of the mall. The lady told me the Best provider, and yes, i bought it, no clue whether she was saying true or not, or she was the ambassador of that product? Who knows. Then with my backpack and 2 handy bags, i entered the mall. The security checked, then I PASS!! I was so happy. Heehehe
Having the SIM CARD, now how i could use it? I saw the convenient store next to the entrance gate, i forgot the name. I bought Mineral Water costing 39 PHP for 1500Ml (IT’S QUITE COSTLY FOR ME), sit for awhile, inserted my card to phone. AND YES, IT WORKED without any registration, i was so surprised. Then i texted my friend (the name will be mentioned on the next post :p), he replied so fast, and it’s FREE hahahah but the credit in my phone just 1 PHP, so it’s fair enough, it was not free then i realized. He asked me to go to another mall, NEPO MALL, just right next to JENRA Mall. He asked me to wait in 3rd floor, in the food court. AND THE STORY BEGAN!!! (to be continued)

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