Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

How I did it - When i was on my very first addicted experience (2)

Time told me it was 7 pm Bangkok Time. I passed the immigration office. It was long queue, so many foreigners wanted to come to Thailand. And I realized why Bangkok was so popular. I came to Airport Railway to meet my friend, Anond. I needed Thai phone number, then i decided to come to 7-eleven in the underground level of the airport. I bought SIM Card and credits for 50 THB. I Bought bread and mineral water since i had no breakfast and lunch before. Before i activated my SIM Card, i asked the lady to do so. Yes, i could activate my SIM Card and i loaded credits into it. I bought ticke, not ticket but token, so stupid i did not know how to use it. The first person i called was my mom, it was so cool when i could call my mom from abroad. My parent asked me about where i was staying and some. I ended the call then i called my friend to pick me up in the station. I tried first call, none answered. Then i tried again to call him, then a girl came up picking up the call. I spoke in english, and she replied my call in thai and i said “anond?” and she just called off the phone. Then i realized that it was totally wrong number that i put into my paper.

I arrived finally in my station. I tried to figure out how to find my friend. I just wandered around the station adn found nobody. Then i was so hungry at that time but i could not eat until i found my friend. I decided to go out from station area and tried to find internet connection. I saw Starbuck over the station and i just came into just to drink and enjoyed the internet, but i can say it was lucky for me since the starbuck was about to close. If i had tried the starbuck there, that would have been my very starbuck ever in my life. Then i saw many 7Elevens, i just thought that all 7Elevens were alike since in Indonesia 7Eleven was block buster for its convenience and internet. I came and asked to the seller there and i could not speak in english, but they understood what i meant, and there was no wifi. I tried to other outlets, the result was same, nothing. I was really desperate that time. i just walked with head down, was thinking where i should stay. Then there was a crowded restaurant, fancy one, so i thought it should be wifi equipped in that time. just came into, asked to the worker and he forwarded me to his boss about it and NO WIFI again. I was totally lost and did not know what to do. Then i decided to find cheap hostel to stay. I walked slowly to the station to take the train and it was really surprised me, I FOUND MY FRIEND THERE. I found him buying ticket, i was so happy, terribly happy. Then he was waiting for me for so long, and i just went out and tried to find  him. I wrote the wrong number of his. Then we talked along the way to go to his dorm which is far from the city of Bangkok. We walked about 10 minutes to catch the very last Van to his dorm. And fortunately again, we could catch the last Van, and it was 10 pm.

The van was running well since it was late night, so there was no traffic along the way. About 30 minutes we arrived to the gate of the dorm, and we had to take another van to go to the dorm, 5 THB for each. Then we finally boarded to the van and only took 4 minutes to arrive. The dorm complex was so cool for me. I was amazed of this condition. It was totally different with my dorm. It was like a appartement instead of dorm. Then i was really hungry, the very first heavy meal i tried in abroad in TOM YAM KUNG. It costed me 70 THB with big porsion. It was too big for me and i could not finish it, just wasted it.

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