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Sleeping Off The Edge

Are you traveller? Are adventurer? Are you pennylessly homeless?  Hahaha, i do not know how to describe this, but mostly why i chose this “experience” was because the bucks problem.

Sleeping “off the edge” means for me that you must be able to stay everywhere in all the conditions with all the consequences for sure. I did these well and i may love this, if necessary (if you know what i mean). Thus, these are my experience of Sleeping “off the edge”

1.       1. Bandung Railway Station (august 2011)
I slept over in Bandung Train Station in august 2011. This was my very first time i did this. I came to bandung with 2 my friends, Bob Hu From China and Le Quang Phu from Vietnam. I did not mean to ask them to do like what i wanted, but they were curious about too. We took night train from Jakarta to Bandung, we departed at 9 pm and we were scheduled to arrive in the midnight. We decided to take this train because we wanted to reduce the budget for hostel also we had to arrive early morning in Bandung. The Train was okay, we took business class, we were in the same seat area.

We arrived at 11.45 pm, and the station was so quite. We took pictures right after hopped off. Then we started looking for the free bench for sleeping. We found the convenient ones, then we started unpacking our bag to take our jacket out. Suddenly, the station official came approaching us. We were so shocked and we thought that we might have someting suspicious. However, he told me to not sleep inside the station, and i was asking to him about sleeping in Mosque or praying building. He suggested me to stay over to the small mosque (Mushalla) near outside the station. We walked firm-ishly to tell the official that we were okay about it, frankly we did not. Once we walked to exit gate, some taxi drivers came approaching us offering their taxi service, i was thinking that did they know that we awere pennyless? Hahahaha. We refused all the offerings.

We came to Mushalla. The mushalla looked very small. I started trying to open the door, but it did not work. It was locked and the only way we had to sleep was to sleep in the floor outside the mushalla. For Your Information, The free floor in outside of Mushalla was so narrow, and if it rained, we would have got drenched by this. We had no any option, we started trying to sleep. I decided to keep eyes on to keep our belongings, and we planned to switch the eye-on-er. The strange thing Came immediately. One allien, man with medium-size backpack, came to us. He sat just right next to us. We were so scared of this. Nobody slept, except Bob. He slept like a stone easily, while the two others were keeping the belongings. We suspected bad things to him. Then i inisiated to ask him why he sat here (it seemed that this place belonged to me), he told me that he had to wait for the train, morning train to his hometown and there was no place to stay. Suddenly and intesely, he told me that he was fooled by his friend and his friend grabed all his valuable belongings to go to unknown place. He only left the back with clothes only. I myself, and Phu for sure, were affraid of this, he might rob or fool us then. Then i asked phu to sleep and i’d keep eyen on. Suddenly, there was a lady came to us again. We again started being cautious. I did not pay them attention. I concentarted to ourselves. I somehow fell asleep and heard their conversation unclearly. It was Ramadhan (Fasting Month). So, in early morning, at 3 am, there aere waking up calling very loud. We were waked up of this sound, then they asked us to join them to have Saur (Saur is early breakfast or the closing meals before the fasting day). And we were totally safe. We then continued our plan. Amazing Experience that tells me how to react with t from suspicious-ish allien and also keep positive thinking. I was learning a lot from this, and it was the starter for the Big experience ahead. It was not that scary as you think!!

Caught by the flash light in the dawn fall, Phu and Bob
2. Ho Chi Minh City Bus Terminal (Feb 2012)
3. McDonald Dago Bandung (July 2012)
4. Seven Eleven Senayan, Jakarta (Jan 2013)
5. KLIA LCCT (Feb 2013)
6. Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Feb 2013)
7. McDonald Taichung City (March 2013)
8. Moss Burger Tainan City (March 2013)
9. KLIA LCCT (March 2013)
10. Changi International Airport (March 2013)
11. Surat Thani Train Station (April 2013)
12. Bus company shelter Poipet Border (April 2013)
13. Changi International Airport (April 2013)
14. to be continued............. (those stories will be up-ed soon)

Those i did so far, and it may be more in upcoming months and years, let’see how well i can manage this. The experiences i gained from these are not only about adventurous things, but that’s how i have to deal with undesired condition and how fast you have to think and decide. How we can see other homelessnesses out there although i was luckier a bit.
Be Fun, Be Hard!

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