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Amazing "RACE" Journey: Clark DMIA (The Philippines)

Clark, Diosdago Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)

AA Notification
I was supposed to depart from KLIA LCCT at 9 am, then Air Asia changed the flight at 9 pm and scheduled to arrive at 00.30 in the next day. It was not planned before and i was shocked hearing this info.

After short one day trip to Batu Caves and Petaling Street, i came back to LCCT Using the same bus without purchasing new ticket since i bought round way ticket. I was sleeping again along the way to go to LCCT. There was nothing to see along the way actually, so i am not disappointed. I lost my cap in KL, I forget where i put it on.
Arriving in LCCT very early to catch my flight, I decided to go surfing on Internet since i had bought Malaysian Power plug in Petaling Street for 8 RM. I was still worried about myself in DMIA since in many information told me that This airport was not operating 24 hours and none was allowed to sleep in This Airport. I tried to be calm and keep surfing. I used this opportunity to talk with my friends and chat with them in the same time. after 2 hours, i decided to check-in, in here i used self check-in. It was so easy and i did not need to queue in the check in counter since i did not book the baggage. That’s the reason too why i checked-in by using this facility  so that they would not pay attention of my bags which might exceed the threshold for 7 kg.

Once i finished checking-in, i went to Immigration, i passed the immigration and also the belonging security check. The lounge inside the airport was fascinating, it was far from the name LCCT. It was about 2 hours before the flight and i had not yet took any shower yet since the previous day and i was sweating a lot in KL. I wandered and finally found shower room. the room was quite big without any hanging port to hang our belongings. In order to keep my belongings safe and dry, i put all on the very corner of the shower room and splashed my body slowly to keep my belongings. About 10 minutes i finished showering, i changed my clothes ans pant. I was using long pants with long sleeve shirt, and then i used only short pants(sport short pants) and T-Shirt. I was different with any others passengers who looked so fancy with their outfits.

I was so thirsty and i forgot to tap water to my bottle outside and there was no any free-tap water available inside the boarding room. i bought one small bottle of Mineral water for 1.5 RM in shop upstairs. This shop sells many sweets made from spices. They had free-try-for-costumer sample. I tried all the products for free to keep my stomach full. They were so spicy-ishly sweet and i was happy to have them for free. After this, my flight was finally called to depart. The flight took more than 3 hours and it became the longest flying i took so far (till may 2013).

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

Flight was smoothly arriving in the LARGE Landing area i ever saw, it looked even LARGER than Changi Airport i think for landing area. I was still worried about what i could do to save my life without spending money for hostel. And also i read before that DMIA was far from city center, no more bus in the midnight since the last bus/jeepney leaving DMIA at 10.30pm.

I kept positive. I walked out from the aircraft and in the halfway i remember my book which i put my money inside. I run again approaching the aircraft and walked into it. The stewards there was shocked knowing his passenger coming back to cabin. He asked me what i left. I said that i left my book. However, the book was not there and i lost 60 RM in the same time. I walked out again from the cabin sadly and felt embarrassed with the cabin crews. I lost the money that every single penny was very important.

My fear was not ending, it was more fluidized this time. After I wrote the immigration card which i had to state the place i would stay and the period, i was leaving them blank. I joined the line to go to immigration. There were only 2 available counters for foreigner. i saw group with couples of middle age Indonesians. They kept speaking bahasa. I was standing behind one of them. When they talked to each other they mentioned their hotel, the name was PALM HOTEL. I had no idea about this hotel or hostel. Then when i was about to proceed myself to immigration, i wrote PALM HOTEL, Manila to my immigration card and 1 day for the period. The officer did not ask me anything about it and i could proceed to the next stage, which is going out the airport. I was so shocked since the terminal was so small for international airport.

I walked against the immigration to proceed to exit. It was really late, no stores open, except 24 hours convenient stores outside the arrival. I starred figuring out what i could do. There were some hard benches and taxi drivers offered me to go to city. The best thing and made me release all my fears was there were some people sleeping on the bench. I found out the best spot for me to sleep.

Sleeping on the floor and bench in DMIA (Midnight)
I was afraid of my belongings since there were some people there. I hugged my bags and slept beautifully. It was about 5 am and i was woken up by the sound of plane there. I just realized that DMIA was the military zone airport. I was some military aircraft equipped with some equipment i watched in war movies.

Good Morning DMIA
I got flu that time, i walked in and out to toilet until the office boys starred at me. Then when i could not see clearly what happened out there i remembered my glasses. I sought it to toilet and i did not find it until the officer approached me asking what made me go back and forth. Then he actually found my glasses and gave it back to me. That was the best first impression in the Philippines, also the first time i interacted with Filipino in The Philippines land.

The sun came up and the heat hit the area of DMIA. The helicopters and flight passengers started coming, the shops also started opening. When i was walking, there was a guy shouting “DARI DEPOK MAS?” (are you from depok?). I was so shocked that somebody knew Bahasa and where i am staying in Indonesia.  He recognized me from the goody bag i brought stated UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA. Then we talked to each other and he planned to stay only 2 days in Manila and he was waiting for PhilTranco, bus to go to Manila. Anyway, his name is Putra.

I knew that in DMIA (and in the Philippines) that we had to pat Terminal Tax and it cost me 450 PHP in DMIA, However it was discounted since in NAIA (Nino Aquino International Airport) in Manila costed 600 PHP. I knew then why DMIA was called THE MOST AFFORDABLE AIRPORT in Asia.

Cheap Breakfast?
Since i had no any Peso, i Withdrew in ATM for 1000 PHP and i had to pay the charge for 100 PHP. I was hungry and finally i had money that time. i went into Convenient store. I bought Banana, Bread with custard inside, and also mineral water. They costed me 51 PHP.

My flight was at 12-ish in the midday. I went into the airport. I did not print
my Ticket and at first the door lady asked me about it. she at firat did not allow me to get in. i showed them my passport then they allowed me.

I myself saw how small this airport, but they were equipped with wifi, and also it was very nice in this small airport.

Expense in DMIA
ATM Fee 100 PHP
Breakfast 51 PHP
Terminal Fee 450
total: 601 PHP

Pampanga Province from above

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